Bonpet Ampoule

Ampoule is the most effective product for extinguishing a fire in small and indoor areas without being constantly present and a fire extinguishing product with an aesthetic appearance.

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Bonpet Grenade

Grenades Bonpet are used for extinguishing fires of classes A, B and F, in smaller concealed places, where with throwing the grenade we can actually extinguish the fire from a distance...

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Bonpet Spray

Fire extinguishing spray Bonpet is innovative and universal product, reusable and meant for safety purposes. It is an effective side product for extinguishing fires of classes A, B and F ...

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Fire hazard represents a risk that every business must foresee.

The BONPET firefighting systems serve for the process of localization and extinguishing of fire, and hence providing protection of human beings and property.

One of the major applications of Bonpet firefighting systems is to detect fires in their initial stage. In case of fire it is important to take all feasible measures to secure safe ambience for the people inside the building in the initial stages of fire, prior announcing evacuation.

It is very important for premises and building where evacuation is more difficult, such as hospitals, prisons, multi-story administrative buildings, large size and capacity halls as well as premises with high risk for material and human damages.