Bonpet Ampoule - advantages

The advantages of The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules are obvious!

Variations: Thanks to its unique firefighting characteristics, the BONPET device may be used for extinguishing various burning materials, incl. solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and electric systems (fires of Class А, B, C, F and Ε).

Combined fire extinguishing technique: The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules cause rapid expulsion of oxygen from fire location, cooling of surface and formation of film, preventing any subsequent inflammation.

Extinguishing: Smoldering materials such as wood, paper, fabric, rubber, cellulose, and plastics; acting automatically and without human intervention.

Mechanical function: The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule is the sole extinguishing system in the world, which works 100 % mechanically, with no probability for failure at all.

No requirement for electric power: The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule operates autonomously and does not require electric power.

No need for propellant gases: The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule operates autonomously and does not require propellant gases.

You can install: Using the BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule, a completely safe for operation fire extinguishing system, avoiding the complex and difficult installation of other systems, that cannon guarantee 100 per cent functioning at all.

High efficiency at low costs: The rapid evacuation of substance from ampoule upon activation in the ambience and the materials on fire (0.3 to 0.5 seconds) confirms the high fire extinguishing efficiency of the content in the cylinder. The original ampoule design facilitates the easy fitting and combined with the safe and easy actuation technique, allows the installation of a single fire extinguishing system that costs 4 times cheaper than water fire extinguishing systems and 7 - 8 times cheaper than gas based ones.

Rapid operation and extinguishing effect in the beginning of fire without human intervention: the BONPET device as well as all automated systems based on BONPET materials, are activated in a very short period of time after locating the fire (activation time does not exceed 40 - 45 seconds from locating the fire) and hence extinguishing process starts at the initial stage. All these factors reduce the damages to be caused by fire.

Warranty and safety of activation 100 % fail free. In case the BONPET device fails to operate (no failure reported up to date, since the BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules has been offered on the world market), the world known underwriters TRIGLAV and Barkley & Lloyd will reimburse the value of materials protected by the ampoule, based on their value, even if it is up to 1,000,000.00 $.

Simple installation and reduction of operating costs: the installation of BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule does not require any technical knowledge and skills or special tools. The installation is done with the ordinary tools everyone has at hand and is able to use. The BONPET devices are externally inspected only (on annual basis), to check for eventual unintentional damages and for your guidance, these do not require any maintenance and recharging for 10 years in service. Control and maintenance are required for special systems only, installed together with the ampoules or different systems for continuous protection of pipes etc., using the BONPET fluid for extinguishing purposes.

A large number of applications from protection mode and weather point of view. In fact, the BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules may be installed in almost all types of industrial and public premises. These work at temperatures between – 230oC and + 850°С and are sensitive to air, rain and sun (meaning operational ability is maintained under unfavorable weather conditions).

The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule is the only device approved and recommended by the Ministry of transport of Japan for use as automated fire extinguishing system, thus meaning it satisfies the requirements for safety at sea valid up to date. No fire extinguishing system manufacturer has been able until now to produce mechanically operated and automatically spraying system achieving so high scores.

Environmental safety: The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule solution does not contain toxic substances, that may represent hazard for health, neither it contains substances harmful for the ozone layer, for the operation of the device combined with fire, generates gaseous dissipated products, that are not harmful for the humans, animals and environment. Various tests and experiments made by European etc. internationally recognized laboratories, such as these in Russia and Japan, have proved the compliance of the devices with the state sanitary and epidemiologic standards for safety of humans and environment. The substance is supported with international certificates issued by the Institute for Testing of Safety (Sicherheit Technische Pruefstelle), Vienna and is also stamp approved by the Environmental Agency of the Russian Federation.

Safety at storage and operational reliability: When the BONPET device is stored there is no internal pressure at all. Hence, disturbing factors like leaks or probability for explosion from overheating are excluded. Furthermore, there are no restrictions or limitations related to the risk in transit when carried by road or air means of transport. There is a special shoulder case with strap for the easy and safe carriage by security guards patrolling on the premises.

It is the first time, when most of the manufacturers in the world deal with mass production in an ambiance of “haste” and “stress”, and not paying attention to ergonomics and aesthetics, BONPET is launching on the market an immaculate from aesthetic point of view product for automated fire extinguishing, easy for installation and with supreme efficacy. There is also a place on the market for fire extinguishing systems of high quality products hand made by qualified workers. The work of designers, completion of production of individual materials and components as well as end products, is constantly subjected to stringent control and supervision. We must cease supporting ideas like not to manufacture simplified and cheaper systems, things that some companies do.

The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule cylinder is fabricated from high quality safety glass (Bohemia made). The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule cylinder is fabricated from high quality safety glass (Bohemia made). You can select the color of cylinder to comply with the one of the premises (production color specification covers eight tints); whilst when ordering large quantity the Buyer is granted the option to specify the color he wants. We can further take into consideration the architectural aesthetic specifics of modern buildings and to combine their fire protection with the former. The BONPET devices occupy very little space and incur minor installation costs, and in no way give you a hint of the common fire extinguisher.It is quite sure yet, that BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules are aimed towards higher technical and consumer level. .

The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoule is a product, described with a single phrase:
“Supreme technologies and aesthetics in fire extinguishing service”