Fire extinguishing trailer

For extinguishing all types of fires, even on places that are unreachable for firefighting vehicles.

Fire extinguishing trailer is because of its size and mobility ideal for extinguishing fires of classes A, B and F, outdoor or indoor, in industry (chemical, automobile, oil), docks, airports (extinguishing aircraft tires), all kinds of warehouses, varnishing chambers, electrical substation, gas stations and for extinguishing all means of transport, plastics, cellulose, tires, etc


  • At least 10-years product life expectancy and 2-years warranty.
  • Environment and human friendly.
  • Slovenian product.
  • Maintenance is bounded only on switching the liquid Bonpet.
  • Available in three versions

  • BONPET 500
  • BONPET 750
  • BONPET 1000
  • Technical characteristics

    Fire extinguishing trailer BONPET 500 BONPET 750 BONPET 1000 two-axle
    Dimensions 1235 x 2435 mm 1235 x 2435 mm 1235 x 3000 mm
    Carriage 1000 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg
    Volume of liquid Bonpet 500 l 750 l 1000 l
    Length of pipes 25-30 m 25-30 m 25-30 m
    Length of a spurt 30 m 30 m 50 m
    Aggregate Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
    Drive Petrol Petrol Petrol