Everybody knows that fire must be extinguished in its initial phase, before reaching disastrous dimensions beyond control. Devastations in case the fire is not handled at the beginning are terrifying and sometimes followed by irreversible consequences.

The purpose and concept of developing the BONPET fire extinguishing system are the prevention and immediate extinguishing in the beginning of fire. BONPET has chemical composition which is non-toxic, harmless for human beings, animals, and the environment (OZONFRIENDLY) of course. It is registered in the list of new EU fire extinguishing systems and is the one demonstrating the highest extinguishing capacity amongst all the conventional fire extinguishing facilities and materials available on the market at present.

BONPET products are able to meet all fire extinguishing needs and hence are offered in various forms. Their advantages are numerous and confirmed not only by manufacturer’s warranty, but also the leading underwriters who have changed their policy on security against potential functional failure of fire extinguishing devices and guarantee the extinguishing function of BONPET ampoule for the amount EUR 1,000,000.

The most important yet, is that BONPET systems are able not only to stop fire immediately in its initial phase and to save property, but to save human lives effectively, too. One thing is certain yet - the BONPET systems provide you finally with the real confidence in the safety of humans and property, like never before.