Bonpet Ampoule - efficiency

In order to estimate the area to be covered by the BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules, on must take into consideration that each ampoule covers 4m2 (four square meters) or 8m3(eight cubic meters) capacity in enclosed space, when positioned at 2 m above the protected zone.

For extinguishing of fires of Class Β (i.e. flammable fluids), every ampoule covers 2m2 (two square meters) and the efficiency depends on the property of the fluid on fire.

The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules may of course be used as supplementary means in existing firefighting systems in the same large size premises. In these cases the BONPET ampoules are placed at the locations of highest fire risk (i.e. locations that may induce fire).

The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules may effectively protect premises of small capacity, extinguishing the fire in the beginning of the same.

Placing them in or on top of electric boards, under aspirators etc., will restrict the development and damages caused by spreading of fire.

In most cases these locations may be covered by technical volume (developed area) measurement systems, based on economic considerations, yet it is where the best part of fires is induced from.


CLASS A (solid fuels)
1 – wood and any wood made products, furniture, sawdust, dry grass, bamboo made articles etc.
2 - fabrics – cotton, wool and synthetic ones, floorings and carpets, curtains, paper products, upholstery, mattresses etc.

CLASS B (liquid fuels)
1 – petrol, gasoline, kerosene, inflammable liquids, paints and lacquers containing organic solvents, alcohol, flowing chemical substances, mineral oils etc.
2 – oils of any type (chemical, synthetic ones)
3 – rubber, plastic or synthetic materials melting under heat and burning like liquids (PE, PP, paraffin)

CLASS F (oils)
1 – cooking oils, fats etc.

CLASS C (gaseous fuels)
Inflammable gases: natural has, propane-butane UNP), acetylene, lighting gas, hydrogen...

CLASS C (electricity)
Electric plants – only for The BONPET automatic fire extinguishing ampoules, mostly appropriate and applicable for HT machinery and equipment over 1 000 V, transformer stations and HT distribution systems (10 000 V – 60 000 V)