The exclusive production and distribution rights of BONPET in the European Union, America, Canada, The Balkans, Russia, the Near East, the Persian Gulf countries, and the United Arab Emirates, have been granted in 1998 to the Slovenian Company BONPET SYSTEMS d.o.o., a world leading producer of fire protection materials and means bearing the brand name BONPET. BONPET SYSTEMS d.o.o. exports to over 40 countries around the world and possesses the required Certificates of Conformance and Fire Safety Certificates pursuant to ISO, DIN, BS and other European standards, providing guarantee for the high quality and reliability of BONPET fire protection products.

The mass production line in Slovenia is automated and able to blend, fill, seal and pack end products designated for the market. Monthly production capacity is 15 000 devices (automatic fire extinguishing ampoules). In the next couple of years BONPET SYSTEMS d.o.o. is planing to raise its monthly production rate up to 35 000 – 40 000 pcs.

In parallel with the continuous production growth, the Company is paying special attention to secure quality and satisfy all the environmental standards to the full extent. The materials are carefully tested on a daily basis by the laboratory in Trbovlje. The production of automated fire extinguishers and consumables is certified in compliance with the requirements of ISO-9001. The sophisticated equipment and optical system for quality control of welds, integrity and consumables, supplied by world leading manufacturers, guarantee a total of ten year service life of manufactured products. Every cylinder is tested by a laser system for eventual cracks, despite the high quality of the special extra hard borosilicate glass imported from Bohemia. The cylinders are placed in a special furnace filled with water and heated up to 70oC to verify chemical composition stability. With the assistance of the above, the percentage of faults in the products manufactured by the plant is reduced to zero.

Every Buyer may call the Central Representative Office in his country before purchasing the device and confirm the serial number of the ampoule, in order to avoid buying a fake one.